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A fic writing fest for 80's-based fandoms
This is a fic writing community for 80's-based fandoms. The goal is to give prompts for sadly neglected 80's fandoms and find people who want to write them!


1. On a specified date, the mods of this community will post an entry where you may comment with prompts for any 80's-based fandom.

2. After a few weeks, the mods will close the prompt entry and will repost all of the prompts, organized by fandom, onto one post. This is the claiming post.

3. Community members may then read through the available prompts and choose one (or several) prompts that they would like to write. Once you've chosen your prompts, leave a comment in the post to tell the mods which prompts you have chosen.

4. Write the fic!

5. Post the fic to the comm by the deadline date so that everyone may enjoy it. Do not post the fic to any other community or site until the deadline date has passed. Then you may post it anywhere you'd like.

6. If you have time, claim another prompt and write another fic. The more prompts fulfilled, the better.


Prompts are open to any television show, movie, or book that came out or was still showing during the 1980's. There will be a list of accepted fandoms, for reference. If your fandom is not on the list and you are not sure if it qualifies, then don't hesitate to ask. We want to help you.

The prompts can be as specific or vague as you want them to be. They can be something that you have always wanted to see written but have never gotten the chance. You may request as many prompts as you would like. In fact, we encourage you to leave several!

Prompts should include 1) the fandom (i.e. The Breakfast Club), 2) characters or pairings that you would like to see included (i.e. John/Allison or Andy), and 3) the prompt itself. Prompts missing any of these elements may be excluded.

Examples of prompts:

1. The Breakfast Club (film) - Brian - “If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't follow. I'd be at the bottom to catch them when they fall.” (Anonymous)
2. Stand By Me (film or book) - Gordie, Dennis - AU where Gordie's brother Dennis didn't die. I'd really like to see how his relationship with his parents unfolds.
3. Sixteen Candles (film) - Sam/Ted - They meet again at the ten year reunion.
4. Family Ties (TV) - Alex/Lauren - A disastrous Valentine's Day date. No rating above R, please.

Pairings should be denoted with a / (i.e. John/Andy, Andie/Blaine, Ferris/Sloane). If you would like to see two characters that are not romantically involved, then use commas to separate the names. This will prevent confusion and help the writer understand what you are really asking for.

If you have any requests for the fic, then please list them in the prompt. For example, if you would like to see sex between the characters, then specify as such. If you would like the fic to be told from the perspective of a certain character, then say so. If you don't care, then leave it open to the writer. You may be as specific as you'd like, but we recommend being specific only about the parts that are really important to you - if you get too specific, then the chances of someone accepting your claim will drop.


1. Challenges may only be claimed twice.

2. Be sure to have your fics beta-read before submitting them to the community. If you submit a fic that is littered with typos and poor grammar, it may be deleted. You will be able to repost after you have had the fic betaed. If you cannot find a beta, there will be a beta thread posted to the community where you may offer beta services or request a beta.

3. All fic is due by the date specified by the mods. Please do not archive/post your fic anywhere else until after the deadline has passed.

4. You MUST use the following templates when posting your fic to the community. Anything posted not using this template will be deleted. You may repost your work using the template. Also, place your story or art behind an lj-cut and make sure you rate your story or artwork.


Word Count:

5. Stories have a minimum word count of 500 words. There is no maximum.

6. Please do not post your fic until it is completed. Put it all in one post, please. If your fic is too long for one post, disable comments in the first part and edit in a link leading to the second post, where you may keep comments enabled to receive feedback. All fiction and art must be posted to this community, not your personal LJ or fic/art LJ.

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